Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NOAA & Stormpulse!

The 2010 NOAA hurricane outlook comes out tomorrow, so of course I'm very interested in what they have to say... They put off the release date by a week, so I'm guessing they are struggling a little with how aggressive of a forecast they should put out! With the rapid reversal of the pattern, now heading towards La Nina, I'm betting they are upping their overall numbers... I would "guess" in the mid to upper teens for named storms... We'll know for sure tomorrow though!

Also, I wanted to leave a link to a cool/fun website... I have noticed some small errors here and there, but stormpulse is a great site to look at historical hurricane tracks... It gives you the track with the individual advisory points, which includes the position, wind speed, pressure, and movement... It also includes a description of the hurricane and some other cool things like pictures... All you need to do is type in the hurricane name you are looking for and hit go... Now remember it's not perfect, but I still personally enjoy it! Plus there is plenty of other cool things this site has to offer...

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