Saturday, May 29, 2010

Best tornado chase of my life!

Screen capture of video I shot of the Conway Springs tornado as it was becoming a large violent wedge!

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of the greatest tornado chase of my life! It's honestly hard to say how many tornadoes we saw that day... LOTS!!! I'll let you watch the videos and decided for yourself... It really was such as great day!

In Conway Springs, KS - 1, you'll see us leave a strong tornado after getting hammered by the RFD... It was tough to leave that tornado, but you could see a beast of a wall cloud forming! We figured it would eventually cut off the strong tornado and become the main show, which it did thankfully! It formed the nipple, which is something I coined on May 12th 2004 (Attica, KS), and it eventually formed into a nice tornado just as we drove past it... It came down so fast! It quickly became a multiple vortex tornado making some of the most eerie sounds I have ever heard in my life!

In Conway Springs, KS -2, you'll see a side-winding tornado (two at one point) basically stall as it explodes into a violent monster wedge tornado! We watched it for a good bit before we had to make a run for it! There were people just standing outside their homes watching this monster without any tornado sirens going off! So I jumped out of the car to scream at them to go inside their house/basement! The tornado thankfully turned hard right at the last minute and just missed Conway Springs, but I'm still very glad we warned everyone the best we could... You will also see the setup for this day! Strongest surface winds I have ever felt before a tornado outbreak!

In Argonia, KS - 1, you'll see multiple tornadoes on the ground, including 3 on the ground at once... We also saw tornado genesis right in front of our eyes as a tornado, that eventually became a huge wedge, moved across the road right in front of us!

This is by far the best tornado video I have ever shot and without a doubt the best tornado chase of my life! Words really can't describe how amazing this day was! I hope/pray one day I'll have a better tornado chase! I'm sure if I keeping chasing as much as I do I will, but honestly this day is going to be really hard to beat! ENJOY!!!

Warning! There are some cuss words...

© Greg Nordstrom 2004

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