Sunday, May 16, 2010

Look at what the GFS is showing?

The GFS is showing the possibility of a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean, about 10 days or so out, for the last couple of runs... Obviously, I put little to no stock in this, but I will say there will be enhanced rising motions associated with the MJO pulse coming around by this time, so it does at least match up/make sense... I pointed this out with my 2010 hurricane season thoughts/ideas, and again the MJO pulse is forecasted by the operational GFS to be in average/ok octave 7 and eventually very favorable octaves 8 and 1 by late May! Just thought I would bring peoples attention to this... We'll see what happens? Either way this is going to be a big year in my opinion!

I'll have my 5/11/10 LP supercell video up tomorrow night! Also, I'll have my chase recaps up by the end of the week... My summer classes (Intro to Meteorology/Applied Climatology) start Tuesday, so I still have things to get done for that! Oh, and I'm eyeing a nice trough in the Great Plains in about a week... Lots of potential for sure, as the Asian trough/ridge pattern tele-connection is matching up well... I may be heading out again fairly soon? Well, in about a week!


  1. Busy days! It is always great to have a lot of weather to keep us busy!

  2. That's for sure! Much better than a 592dm high in the summer...