Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Update...

We are about 30 miles from OKC where we will stop and reevaluate everything... The sun is starting to come out and it's finally starting to feel like a big day! We were in dense fog on I-40 east from about Amarillo, TX to about Erick, Ok... My worries about the CAP/clouds are starting to go away quickly! Things are primed now for a big day and it look like the SPC's High Risk 30% tornado was the correct thinking... I still personally would have started at Moderate and then bumped up to High, but oh well it honestly doesn't matter... Either way today is starting to look HUGE! As I look at the sun coming through the clouds, all I can say is LOOK OUT! I wish everyone the best of luck chasing today and please be careful... If you live in this region, stay aware to all warnings and take them very seriously!

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