Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two great reads on the 2010 hurricane season!

Myself in the eye of Hurricane Charley, Friday the 13th, August 2004...

I wanted to leave links to two great reads on the upcoming 2010 hurricane season! The first link comes from 28storms.com... Rob Mann and Jason Moreland have done a great job in their analysis/forecast for the upcoming 2010 season! It's a MUST read for anyone interested in the tropics! The second link comes from a blog post by Stu Ostro... He does an excellent job talking about whether or not you should take these forecasts literally or with a grain of salt... Interesting to read another perspective on this, even though I think Stu is coming around to the tropical seasonal forecasts as long as you use logic/sound science...

I personally try to stay away from exact numbers, but I'm mostly in the camp with 28storms.com... My gut/instincts say this will go down as a top 3-5 season of all time by the numbers... As far as impact, I do see lots of landfalls this year which I talked about in my 2010 hurricane season thoughts/ideas! I'll have an update to my 2010 hurricane season thoughts/ideas this Sunday... If anything, all the factors are coming together even faster than I thought, which is honestly just SCARY! If you live along the Gulf/Atlantic coasts get prepared now... It's the smart thing to do!

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