Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dryline Chasing, AGAIN...

I'm about to hit the road so this is going to be very quick! We are targeting western Oklahoma for our chase area today! The warm front is on the move and I'm liking just east of the triple point... The current RUC seems to support this idea as well... Dewpoints are already in the upper 60's and lower 70's in southern Oklahoma and things are primed as long as the CAP breaks... The thermodynamics are insane but the low level jet is a concern in my opinion... If the CAP breaks, which I think it will, today could be one of those surprise days! Either way I'm just hoping for some beautiful supercells today in near perfect chase country!

I'll have a full recap of yesterday's insane events as soon as I can... We saw 2 large (wedge shape) tornadoes less than 100 yards in front of us! They weren't very strong but still it was such a crazy experience! I think one of the vorticies in the middle of this large tornado produced high end EF-1/low end EF-2 damage... Closer to us I would say the couple vorticies that passed right in front of us was in the high EF-0 range... Still strong enough to rock the car nicely... At the time we thought we were getting hit with hail when it was actually small pieces of debris pelting our car! Again, I'll have a full recap with chase video as soon as I have some time... Right now it's chase time!!!

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  1. Good luck! Lets hope you see pretty storms/tornadoes in the middle of nowhere today!