Friday, May 7, 2010

On the road again... (Day-1 Great Plains)

Tim Wallace, Michael Carter, and myself packed everything up and left Starkville around noon today heading towards Amarillo, TX... After a couple of hours driving, we stopped at a Cheddar's for lunch in Jackson, MS... I highly recommend Cheddar's, as it had excellent food... After lunch we got on I-20 and passed through Vicksburg, MS, Monroe, LA, and Shreveport, LA as we made our way into Texas... Once we got to Tyler, TX we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner... You can never go wrong with a Cracker Barrel... Plus I had breakfast for dinner which is always good... We are currently passing through the beautiful night skyline of Dallas as I just made reservations at a Hyatt Hotel in north Dallas through priceline... There is no doubt in my mind that priceline is the way to go when looking for hotels! We got a suite for $63.20... Unfortunately, we were charged an extra $10 for having 3 adults, but still that's an amazing deal for a Hyatt in Dallas... We are going to check in and really look hardcore at the model data before passing out...

Tomorrow we are going to sleep in and then head to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX! I'm actually really looking forward to seeing the most state of the art stadium in the US, if not the world... I'm not a Dallas Cowboys fan but still this is going to be really cool... By the way, Tim is a die hard Cowboys fan, so I'm sure he will really appreciate this experience! After visiting Cowboys Stadium we are going to make our way to Amarillo! Our good friend Justyn Jackson gets off work at the NWS around 9pm, so we'll try to get there around the same time! It will be really great to see Justyn again! Also, our good friend Todd Beal works at the NWS in Amarillo as well, so it will be great to see him too... I went to school with both Justyn and Todd so we go way back... Also, they are members of LDCT and I have been storm chasing with them for over 9 years now... Anyways, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!

Oh by the way, Monday really looks explosive IMO... Just started looking at 0z model data, but from a little west of Wichita, KS to almost Kansas City, MO looks like the place to be on Monday as of now! I'll have a very detail looked at Monday and beyond tomorrow night... Sunday still looks way too capped for any activity, even though if anything could somehow go up it would be decent... The NAM is now showing some forcing Sunday because everything is much more progressive than I originally thought... I'm honestly a little shocked by that, but I can't go against the trend... On Tuesday a decent surface low forms north of Clovis, NM and there is a lot of potential... Wednesday has some potential as well so at least things look active... Here is a 500mb chart from tonight's 0z NAM for Monday night (7pm)... Again I'll go into way more depth tomorrow! Right now it's time to chill before passing out!

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