Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Dallas!

I'm at my good friend Jeff Perry's house, which is located just outside Dallas, TX... I'm going to get a quick nap in, but I did want to write a very quick post.. I thought the SPC keeping the moderate risk was the right call... Again, you can always go High risk if warranted later... Personally, I would stay at moderate unless the 850mb winds increase and veer more SW... They are too weak/too south for a high risk IMO... I just think High Risk days should only be used when things look unbelievable... 850mb winds of 30-35 knots out of the south is not unbelievable to me... If they increase and veer SW, then ok, look out.. I'm not saying tomorrow doesn't look good, but again it's not 5/10/10 like some have been saying... There will be tornadoes tomorrow, but I personally think Moderate 15% hatched hits the point home enough unless something changes... I'll try to update later, but honestly this will probably be my last blog post until late tonight/tomorrow! Best to luck to everyone chasing today... BE SAFE!

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